Since 1950

Passion and tradition tied to Capri is what lies in the story of the jewelry shop “La Campanina ” founded by Alberto and Lina Federico in 1950. Their exuberant but genuinely friendly personalities and the original and always different jewelry collections have made Alberto and Lina over the years ambassadors of Capri around the world. Together with son and daughter Mariolì and Filippo they made over the years this historic boutique a special place and point of reference for the international jet set and for the all the affectionate visitors of the island who admire their sparkling windows year after year. It is that same joyful and looking forward spirit that still guides today Roberta and Marcello, grandchildren of the founders, to proudly continue this family tradition in the sign of modernity and innovation.

Elegance & Beauty

Creating something with the past in our hearts while being mindful of the future. Ensuring each piece will be timeless as well as lasting.

Modella gioielli Capri La Campanina

We consider our jewelry as a symbol of the style one carries within. A way of self expression that is symbolic as well as endearing of moment in time that will be lasting & memorable.

Gioielli Capri

This very personal approach to the concept of luxury has made it possible to come up with collections always different and original. Leaving a great impact on our current as well as future clients year after year.

Anello La Campanina Capri
Orecchini Acquamarina Capri
Anello La Campanina Capri

“Find what you love. Never lose sight of keeping a strong passion in your life for something you really care about.”

Sylvia Earle

TOGETHER …since 1950


La Campanina

is an enterprise that looks towards the future. Marcello and Roberta along with a wonderful as well as skilled staff, offer a selection of some of the best names of the international watchmaking landscape, each with its own vision of quality, exclellence and innovation such as Rolex & Tudor.