A precious moment in time

We consider our pieces of jewelry as a style symbol rather than a “status symbol”. A way of self expression and uniqueness with an accessory that reminds a particular and precious moment in time that will be cherished forever..

Marioli Federico

Becoming part of People Life

The key element of our design philosophy is that we always want to create collections which define our own taste and reflect the modern times we live in. In the displays of “La Campanina Exclusive Jewels” you will find pieces created with love and passion since 1950, designed for an international clientele, but that our own family would love to wear in our everyday life.

The main goal has always been combining both the artistic and practical aspects of designing in order to have a piece of jewellery which is unique and valuable,but also easy to wear. A way to express our own feelings and remember a special moment in time,rather than a decoration to wear just for rare occasions. That is why we are always looking for new trends and we love using unusual and at times even daring combinations of materials and gemstones, very much appreciated by our cherished customers and also by first time buyers looking for a special piece. We are blessed to have such a wonderful job which makes us become a part of people’s lives, as a piece of jewellery stays forever from one generation to the next.

I always remember one time in New York when I was introducing myself to a lady explaining I was from Capri and she told me with a sigh: Ah Capri, the home of Lina!”. After knowing that Lina was indeed my grandmother she proudly showed me her ring, a gift from her husband during a visit to Capri. Jewellery has a real emotional value which defies time, and that is truly what most fascinates me about my job and makes me very honored to continue this family business.

Roberta Federico

A Perfectionist on Every Detail

The family tradition which keeps the name of the founders Alberto and Lina alive, has become an important part of the history of Capri worldwide, synonymous with originality, quality, and the utmost care of their clientele.

Marcello Federico